I have been fiercely loyal to Dr. Dillon, treating with him – whether a current dental plan covers him or not – for nearly 30 years because he deserves that kind of loyalty. He is a warm and compassionate human being and also the consummate professional. He stays cutting edge with advances in dentistry and office support systems and has a wonderful team/staff. I have always trusted him and his work and he has never let me down.


What a great dental office. From Lydia my excellent dental hygienist to Herbert the helpful receptionist everyone is perfect. Dr Dillon is cautious and never has recommended anything that was not necessary. Other dentists I’ve seen have completely ripped me off by overcharging and overtreating my mouth. Dr Dillon has made me two crowns and filled several areas of decay. I completely trust him and love his staff.

Devon S.

Dr. Dillon and his wonderful staff are simply the very best experience I have ever had as a dental patient. My first visit to his office was in May 2007. Over the last five years, Dr. Dillon has transformed my smile into the prettiest and healthiest it has ever been, and it is now the smile I’ve always wanted to have. I have had cleanings, teeth bleaching, fillings, crowns, restorative work and just about every other conceivable dental service done in his office. I am always thrilled with the attentive process as well as the beautiful end results.

Everyone who works there is warm, professional and courteous. His newly renovated office is not only aesthetically delightful, but also comfortable and welcoming. I have never had a problem with booking appointments when I need them, as they have always been able to accommodate my schedule considerations.

I especially appreciate Dr. Dillon’s fastidious perfectionism. His work isn’t finished until it’s just right. He will send it back to the lab as many times as it takes if it isn’t yet an exact fit or precise shade match. He isn’t satisfied with anything less than the absolute best results. I have always gotten the impression that his standards for his patients are as high as the expectations he would have if the work were being done on his own mouth. And if he tells you that something needs to be done, then that work honestly needs to be done. He is both straightforward as well as conservative in his recommendations.

I relocated to Orange County six months ago, and I am still making the hour-plus drive to his office to continue being Dr. Dillon’s patient… because I just wouldn’t want anyone else to be my dentist.

(I could go on, but it would be at the risk of sounding like a gusher. So I’ll just stop there.)

Elizabeth K.

Everyone in the office is courteous and efficient. The doctors and hygienists are excellent and I have never had to wait more than a few minutes. Besides, frosting on the cake, there are always beautiful fresh flowers!

Sharon S.

After two decades with another DDS, we transferred to Dr. Dillon because of fine references given by family members and our former DDS..
We are thoroughly satisfied by the change .Dr. Dillon is thorough, explains procedures before and after doing them. Staff excellent; cooperative and understanding.
In our opinion (wife Shirley and me), we are truly impresssed with the our transition to becoming patients of Dr. Dillon.

Joe F.

Love everything about Dr. Dillon’s practice!! Very professional & extremely helpful adminstrators. I only wish our family had known about them before!

Cecilia V.

When I first got my cleaning at Dr. Dillon’s office I was very satisfied. When it came time to have my upper wisdom teeth pulled I was very nervous. However, Dr. Dillon assured me that I would not feel a thing. After the procedure was over I realized that Dr. Dillon was right. I would recommend him to all my friends and family. He is an excellent dentist! The staff is great and very welcoming as well.

Debora S.

I feel very comfortable and well taken care of in Dr. Dillon’s office. Dr. Dillon is caring and a great dentist. You can trust him. I’ve been coming here for 25 years.


I have been with Dr. Dillon for more than 20 years. I always get outstanding and friendly help. The staff is great, too! Thank you.

Don K.

I have been a patient of Dr. Dillon for close to 19 years. Throughout this period the quality of care and personal attention has been consistently above my expectation. Dr. Dillon is caring and always available if emergency situation arises. The whole office atmosphere is pleasant with friendly staff who are ready for you as you walk in to their office. The dental hygienists I have been seeing at this office have all been skilled professionals doing quality work.

Massoud V.

Everyone is kind and courteous. My hygienist is very caring and diligent. She is always teaching me new techniques for better cleaning results. Because I have exposed roots, I would prefer warm water rinse and air to the present cold. Thank you for your caring to hear my comments.

Vivienne S.

Superb job. Friendly. Wonderfully helpful advice about home care of teeth and mouth. She was absolutely wonderful. The whole Dillon gang is lovely. Wish everyone of the gang health and happiness and many other good things of life.

Chogoliah M.

As always, the staff is professional. The work has been consistently excellent. I have come to rely on that excellence. Above and beyond that, I FEEL the care and friendliness that makes me look forward to my appointments. Oh did I mention I love the new look of the office as well.

Judith A.

My experience with Dr. Dillon was extremely positive. He was extremely sensitive regarding my apprehension of dental procedures. He took a great deal of time explaining his plan of care, and thoroughly answered all of my questions. His manner was kind and most sensitive throughout my visit. His skill was impecable. I highly and confidently recommend Dr. Dillon for any kind of dental procedure.

Beverly D.

Very pleasant appointment. Comfortable office, friendly staff, and the office consistently does an outstanding job with respect to dental work. Always parking in back of the office. I have nothing but good things to say, and I highly recommend.

David G.

Attentive and has keen attention to detail, your smile will reflect it. It is taking time due to time of procedures and cost but well worth it. You are getting quality care!


Great Office, I think one of the best in town. Dr. Dillon is one of the best Dentists you will find in Los Angeles. Hands of Gold and always on top of the latest dental information. His Staff reflects his high standards.

Toni M.

This is a feel-good clinic, well settled into the neighborhood, with friendly and efficient staff. My husband and I have continued to come here through the years even when circumstances made the commute less convenient. When you find a good thing, stick with it!


Got a cleaning from Lydia yesterday. She is great! Very gentle with NO pain. She makes it as easy as possible with a normally “Not my favorite experience”. Dr. Dillon is very through, pleasant, and friendly.

Stephen G.

Best dentist office experience I’ve ever had! The assistants, the hygienists and of course Dr. Dillon. Extremely flexible with my schedule. Very patient with all my questions. We are very happy.

Cecilia V.

Comprehensive and honest knowledge and advice. Couldn’t ask for more. It’s incredibly helpful for me to hear and understand why something is happening, I haven’t had a dentist that would take the time to explain and articulate my issues. Thank you!

Clay C.

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