Expecting a new baby is an exciting time in a woman’s life, but it also comes with a new set of worries. Your risk for gingivitis (gum disease) often goes up when you are pregnant. However, in most cases, you can maintain good oral health by consistently brushing and flossing your teeth every day. It is also important to visit the dentist regularly, especially when you are pregnant, to ensure that the health of your mouth isn’t putting your baby at risk. Recent studies have shown gum disease to be linked to premature birth and other pregnancy complications.

As for other dental work during pregnancy, such as fillings and crowns, the best course of action is to wait until after your baby is born to have that work done. If necessary, the best time to have dental work done is usually during the second trimester. All cosmetic dentistry treatments and other elective treatments should be postponed until after the birth for the protection of your child.

Dr. Dillon, our dentist in West Los Angeles, is available to answer questions about how your oral health can affect your pregnancy. Call us today to schedule your consultation at Dillon Dental and begin improving your oral health now. Should you have any questions about your pregnancy or the health of your baby, contact your family physician.